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Multithreaded testing

Suppose you have to perform tests. Lots of tests. Functional tests, where each test could take a lot of time.
Suppose also that

you don’t want to wait three days until your tests are done
you have a massively parallel architecture available
you are using python unittest framework
you enjoy colors

What would you do?
You install testoob. This thing is […]

Script relocatability

I wrote the first part of some research I did on script relocatability. The basic problem is to make a script and its resources relocatable. It is not meant to be correct, actually I believe there are many errors and inaccuracies, but it brings a lot of arguments to discuss. I will write the second […]

Python 3000 alpha released

Python 3000 alpha has just been released, and I am downloading it right now. There are many changes, and a conversion tool is available to update 2.x sources to 3.0.

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