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About me

My PictureMy name is Stefano Borini. I am a Ph.D. in quantum chemistry at Ferrara University, Ferrara, Italy, and Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France. The innovations provided by my Ph.D. work focused on two ab-initio techniques (the use of the perturbative method NEVPT and the development of the localized orbital approach Freeze-and-Cut) and their integration in a common infrastructure. To satisfy these needs, also part of my work was (and still is, as a spare time activity) the definition and implementation of a standard file format for data exchange in quantum chemistry, Q5Cost.

After my Ph.D. I have been employed as a scientific software developer for the great danish company Atomistix, creators of a calculation engine for Density Functional Theory evaluation on crystalline and two-probe systems. Here, I had the chance to experience the industrial method of development and many project management issues.

I then had the chance to join the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis at the Danish Technical University (DTU), where as a postdoc in comparative genomics I refactored GenomeAtlas database and interface and coauthored a textbook in comparative microbial genomics.

I am currently employed at ETH Z├╝rich as a postdoc, where I will focus on data management and high throughput computation in quantum chemistry.

My strong skills are in code refactoring and reviewing, file formats, GUI usability. I always welcome new opportunities to learn and increase my competences. I enjoy programming in many languages, with my favourite being Python. My operating systems of choice are MacOSX and Linux.

I like simple things, enjoy the nature, the green fields, an afternoon with a friend and a cup of tea.

And I like to do things for the science.

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