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Added Twitter

I added Twitter to the blog. It’s a nice toy, and I want to see if it’s actually useful. For brief reports on my status, it seems like a nice thing, and I am having fun using the cellphone to update it.

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Long time no write

I am cooking a lot of stuff in the pot. Soon I will post about all of them, one after another, but I prefer to post about new things when they are ready and officially out. So, stay tuned, because there’s really a lot of good stuff.

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Upgraded wordpress

I upgraded wordpress to 2.2.3. There are many attempts to exploit vulnerabilities of previous versions in my logs, so I preferred to stay up-to-date as much as I can on the 2.2 line. If any weird situation jumps out, please let me know.
Of course, Merry Christmas and happy new year to all the (few, for […]

Hacking wikka

Wikka is a quite interesting piece of software. It is very minimal but at the same time quite powerful. It is simple to hack, and I’m doing it because:

I would like to have space available in page names, and also free form capitalization, but wikka requires the pages to have CamelCase. This is not useful, […]

Dumping Tiki for Wikka

I am planning to dump Tiki and replace it with Wikka.
The reasons behind my initial choice of Tiki were:

I thought it was a good idea to have blog and in one, uniform place.
Tiki was automatically provided by bluehost, so I had something less to worry about, in particular because at that time I had […]


I added reCaptcha to the comments. reCaptcha is a Captcha system, one of those systems that tries to understand if you are a human or an automatic program (a bot, normally for spamming). This normally consist in asking you to type the letters from an image, a task that a human can do easily, but […]

Bluehost, wordpress and the registration mail From address

During the setup of wordpress, I realized that registration emails were sent out with a strange login(at), instead of something more user friendly, like wordpress(at)the_site. A little investigation in the sources lead to the finding that wordpress uses the php mail() call, and the From address is correctly set to wordpress(at)the_site, therefore the wordpress setup […]

Updated bookshelf and about me pages

I just updated the About Me and Bookshelf pages. A photo of myself is missing, but I’m planning to add it as soon as possible.
The bookshelf now contains a link to my Amazon wishlist. I expect to buy and study other books as soon as I deplete the current queue.

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A warm welcome to anyone browsing this website.
The idea of this site came to me when I decided to write down many experiences I had in science. Many sources are available for science, the most notable probably being pedia, and I’m not really trying to fill a gap. Most of the information you will find […]

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