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No shame for “Import your contacts” feature

I am negatively astonished (and I am not alone) by a new diffuse practice of many networking websites: during the registration process, they ask your Gmail (or other webmail’s) personal username and password, so to login on your behalf and import your address book contacts.
Giving your personal password to another website allows them to poke […]

From URI to ontologies

It is some sort of well known pattern, the “http://” stuff. It is so frequently used that browsers just fill it in automatically by default. But what does exactly mean? What’s behind it? In reality, behind a so called URI, there’s more than meets the eye.
What is an URI?
First of all, we need some definition. […]

Error 1044 in MySQL: Access denied when using LOCK TABLES

I got an error while using mysqldump
mysqldump: Got error: 1044: Access denied for user x@y to database z when using LOCK TABLES
To solve this problem, either ask you administrator to grant you the lock privileges, or use the following command instead.
mysqldump -u username -p database –single-transaction >dump.sql

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Chestnut Package Manager 2.0.0 released

I just released a program I developed: Chestnut Package Manager, a utility to handle executables and resource files in a transparent, platform independent and relocatable way. Its concept is similar to Apple bundles and Java archives. It is implemented in Python.
I also provide a nice tutorial about how to use it and how to deploy […]

Is SVN slow?

I am using SVN to manage my current development repository. As the project grew, the operations became slower and slower. Things like updating or committing could require minutes.
I ran some strace, and apparently SVN takes a lot of time in walking through the repository tree, probably checking for differences between the previous copy (in .svn) […]

Box and Whiskers plot. How ?

I am trying to produce box and whiskers plots. Actually, not the plot in itself, but the values for the boxes, the whiskers and so on. An example of box and whiskers is the following

Browsing the net, I found that many sites just explain that a box plot is made according to the following recipe:

Put […]

Unraveling Unicode problems in Wikka

While I was setting up the , I realized some problems with non-English letters, such as ö. Therefore I had to find out more details about Unicode and encoding (a task that does not happen frequently if you program in languages such as Fortran, where you normally have other class of problems to handle). I […]

Multithreaded testing

Suppose you have to perform tests. Lots of tests. Functional tests, where each test could take a lot of time.
Suppose also that

you don’t want to wait three days until your tests are done
you have a massively parallel architecture available
you are using python unittest framework
you enjoy colors

What would you do?
You install testoob. This thing is […]

Lines of code

First, a disclaimer. I just want to play with numbers in this post. Lines of code (LOC) do not mean anything in terms of productivity. They can eventually be used as a rough estimate of the complexity of a project. MacOSX counts more than 80 millions LOC. the Linux kernel a little more than 5 […]

XML Namespace URL (updated)

I am attending the EMBRACE workshop in SOAP clients. A very interesting workshop I would say, and I’ll wrote more about it when finished. During the workshop, it has been pointed out the usual issue of XML namespaces: the attribute value looks like a URL but it is not referring to anything in particular. An […]

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