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Where are they?

I found a very interesting commentary by Nick Bostrom, about the existence of extraterrestrial life and the so-called Fermi Paradox.
The point Nick Bostrom presents is sensible: the current evidence is that life is apparently not very frequent in the Universe. Despite all efforts we did toward finding life, intelligent or not, we failed. Moreover, the […]

Code or encode? This is the problem.

I am doing proofreading of a textbook and I spotted a quite frequent use of the term “protein-encoding genes”. I reported it as an error, preferring “protein-coding genes”.
Why? There is a strong difference between the two words:

to encode means to perform an operation that transform some information from one representational form to another. Something that […]

Geologic clock and evolution

Today I was taking a look at this page, and in particular to the geological clock image

Of course there’s uncertainty on the correctness of the actual moments in time, but assuming these values are more or less correct it is quite interesting to note that it took only 500 million years to go from a […]

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