About Me

My name is Stefano Borini. I have a Ph.D. in quantum chemistry from Ferrara University, Ferrara, Italy, and Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France. My Ph.D. work focused on two ab-initio techniques (the use of the perturbative method NEVPT and the development of the localized orbital approach Freeze-and-Cut) and their integration in a common software infrastructure. To satisfy these needs, also part of my work was the definition and implementation of a file format for data exchange in quantum chemistry, Q5Cost.

After my Ph.D. I shifted my focus toward scientific programming, being employed both in industry and academia. In particular I worked on Density Functional Theory on crystalline systems and electronic transport, graph theory, data model design (at Atomistix, now QuantumWise), Comparative Genomics, bioinformatics databases, book authoring (at Center for Biological Sequence Analysis at the Technical University of Denmark), optical properties of conjugated compounds and RDF databases for computational chemistry data (at ETH Z├╝rich, Switzerland and National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan), Tight Binding DFT (at Scientific Computing and Modelling in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Jacobs University Bremen, Germany).

I am currently employed at QuantumWise A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark, where I am an all-round scientific software specialist and developer, mainly focusing on MacOSX, builds, hardcore debugging, design, and GUI programming with Qt.

My strong skills are in code refactoring and reviewing, debugging, file formats, GUI usability, software design, computational chemistry, and scientific writing. I always welcome new opportunities to learn and increase my competences. I enjoy programming in many languages, with my favorite being Python. My operating systems of choice are MacOSX and Linux.

I like simple things, enjoy nature, an afternoon with a friend and a cup of tea. And I like to do things for the science.


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How to contact me:

  • On Skype, as stefano.borini
  • Via email: my name dot my surname at gmail dot com
  • On Twitter: @stefanoborini