Remember when I posted about the lovely but fake Titan robot, and I told you the future was close? Well, some time passed, and the future is now even closer. New robots are among us, and they are learning. Some of them prefer to stay at home, folding our clothes, washing our dishes or bringing drinks and staying with us, acting as tables. If you are at home wasting time in front of the computer, you could just ask one to bring you a beer.

Some of them decided to find a job outside, so they pick strawberries, administer weddings, or wash our hair with the power of sixteen fingers. If we are sick, they may go to school for us, and relay the lesson. Sometimes during breaks they can lose themselves in the big city, so you could meet one of them asking for directions. Maybe they will take a bike ride to get to the pub, and play pool.

Robots can also act as our trusted pet friends, and although they will never replace them, they can become quite interesting marvels of technology. Sony Aibo was the first robot dog commercially available. I played with one, and it's an amazing little thingie. These two, however, bring the doggy robot to a whole new level: small dog or big dog, the choice is yours. And speaking about animal robots, you can also have a tree-climbing snake, a crawling snake, a bug-like thingie that both walks and rolls, a fish, a spider.

They are also into performing arts. They can dance the Bolero, and they are damn good at it (really, take your time with that video, it's pure mechanical beauty), or some other dance maybe? With violin they are not yet Uto Ughi, but they are improving. With trumpet they are already pretty good, apparently. As for sport and outdoor, they can learn archery skills, or and some of them very soon will ask us to become a real boy.