During the course of the last years, I was able to keep a twice-a-month post schedule. In the following months however, I will relocate, my work will become more time consuming, posts are becoming more demanding to be produced (as I also have to write code for them) and my interests are spreading to other fields. Hence, I decided to reduce the throughput that devours my scheduled posts queue, which, at the moment and to be fair, is rather long.

Note that this does not mean that I will post once a month. It means that I will have a scheduled post once a month, instead of two. Shorter, "spur of the moment" posts may still happen.

As you noticed, I started a series of posts on raytracing. This will carry on for a while, depending on the depth level I will be willing to reach. I still have to post the last "molecule that changed the rule of the games" and I say, don't worry, it will come.