Augmented reality translation

This is the coolest application I’ve ever seen. It does text recognition of the movie feed coming from the iPhone, then translates the text to another language on the fly (currently, Spanish to English and vice-versa) and renders the translated version on the movie itself, with proper coloring. The effect is so beautiful to be basically magical

… but it’s not. It’s technology, and as Arthur Clarke once said, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.


  1. !!
    That’s astounding. Is this something you just happened upon while exploring the web scape, or have you seen it with your own eyes as well?

  2. I just found it around on the web. I don’t own an iPhone, but it should be available on the Apple store, so this thing seems pretty real.

  3. … I mean, they don’t even have that sort of technology on Star Trek! :P

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