The future of entertainment is here

Please take a look at this


A book

This technology is probably the future of entertainment. It needs no batteries, has a nice resolution both for pictures and text, it can be easily bookmarked or annotated (although sometimes there’s not enough space). It can be bought both online and in a shop, brand new or used. It is relatively easy to use.

It has no Digital Rights Management, it does not force you to read through the preface if you don’t want to, there are no advertisements, you can read it in Japan even if you bought it in Europe, it does not disappear by itself if you take a break from reading it, or after you finished reading it. You can re-read it every time you want without having to pay more, it does not allow the editor to enter illegally into your apartment to check if you are a good citizen (and leaving the door open to others), you don’t have to buy authorized glasses and lightbulbs to read it. It does not call the editor back every time you open it, and you can still read it if the editor goes bankrupt.

It is cheap, made of pure 100 % recyclable support, and collectible to please all your hoarding needs. It is totally backward compatible, and there’s a huge collections of titles already available for fruition. You can borrow or lend it, give it to your friends or leave it to your children, and it will still be accessible. There are places where it can be obtained and accessed for free or exchanged in a peer-to-peer way without infringing the law.

I firmly believe this technology is the future of entertainment and dissemination of knowledge.

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